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DotCom Computer Consulting

offers short and long term consulting contracts to clients around the world from
computer consultants with over 16 years of professional experience. Our consultants
specialize in supporting technologies such as Object Oriented Programming(OOP)
using programming languages such as C++ and Java®, as well as web and home page
development using HTML and JavaScript. Our consultants have also developed
client/server products incorporating communications techniques such as Interprocess
and Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). We have developed
Graphical User Interfaces(GUI), integrating Windows® API, Visual Basic®, and
X/Motif for X/Windows on operating systems including Windows 95®, Windows NT®,
and various flavors of Unix.

How to contact the company

DotCom Computer Consulting, Inc.
11932 W. 56th Circle
Arvada, CO 80002 USA

1-303-560-4717 (Pager and Voice Mail)
1-303-425-3679 (Facsimile)

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